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Command to Execute:
Note: Leave the Value entry blank to query the specified node for the command value; No HEX values
Network Node Command Value
XBee 900HP Radio Command Reference
Some Values: 4=Digital LOW/OFF, 5=Digital HIGH/ON, 2=Analog Input

Commands Executed in last 120 minutes

NetIDNodeIDCommandTargetReadStatusCommand TimeUnixCommand TimeExecution Delay (sec.)Command Age (sec)

Nodes Active in last 1.5 Hours

NetIDNode #Node NameLocation/NotesLast Heard

Commissioning Procedure:
1. Power up new radio in factory default mode. 4 fast commission button pushes will get there.
2. Set the Base Radio of the network the node is to be added to to default network ID, 32767 (0x7fff)
3. Send a network discovery command (ND) to the base radio to discover the new node
4. Note the low 32 bit serial #s (SL) of the new node discovered and the base radio. See table above
5. Set new node SM =8 and SO = 0. Sleep mode configuration
6. Set new node DL to the low 32 bits of the base radio serial # (SL)
7. Set new node DH to the high 32 bits of the base radio serial # (SH = 1286656)
8. Set new network ID to the ID of the network it is to be commissioned on
9. Set base radio back to its original ID which should be same as just set to new node
10.Send WR command to new radio to save config to non-volatile memory
11 Send WR command to base radio to save config to non-volatile memory

Optional configuration parameters to set in the new node

a. SP = 1500; Sleep time 15 seconds
b. ST = 3000; Wake time 3 seconds
c. D0,D1,D2,D3 = 2; Set XBee pins to analog input mode
d. IR = 4000 ;Sampling interval 4 seconds
e. WR to store configuration in non volatile memory

Moving a node from one standard cs3 network to another is simpler
1. Set both old and new gateways to fast sleep, SP=1500
2. Do an ND network discovery on the old net to make sure the node to be moved is online
3. Set DL of the node to be moved to the new network's base radio SL
4. Set ID of the node to be moved to the new network's ID
5. Do an ND on the new network and verify the node shows up
6. Change the Node identifier of the transferred as desired
7. Do a WR to the node on its new network to write the new config to Non-volatile Memory
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