Camalie Vineyards Monitors

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Node Groups

2.4GHz Crossbow Test Nodes 501-518 See the map below for placements

Napa House Temp Monitors (Indoor) 31,35,22,5
31- Sitting Loft, 35- Media Room, 22- Pool House, 5- Old garage

Wine Storage Temp Nodes 7,12,4,44
44- barrels in cave, 12- cased wine in cave, 4- relay mote in cave at first bend, 7- cased goods in garage

Palo Alto Temp Monitoring Nodes 70-73
The 70 series nodes are all located in Palo Alto to monitor wine storage temperatures. 70 - Case storage and server room in Holler's Garage, 71 - Wine Refridge under steps, 72 - 2005 vintage in Tim and Glista's basement, 73 - 2006 vintage barrels in Gary's Basement

Specialized Nodes

Node 11 is monitoring the Irrigation system presures. Analog Input 5 is the 10K gal. storage tank full signal (nonzero=full), ADC6 is pre filter pressure and ADC7 is post filter pressure. The 10K tank storage level is evident from the pre filter pressure.

Node 35 ADC2 is monitoring the soil moisture at 12" depth in a small garden plot.

Node 8 is a 12V motorcycle battery/solar powered node at the storage tank monitoring the pressure in a water line from neighbor Strauss' tank. ADC6(PressPre) has the pressure value, 100psi range.

Node 13 is monitoring CO2 level in the cave. ADC5 voltage is proportional to the concentration. Max is 9999ppm.

Node 27 is monitoring the temp at table top in the server room

Node 46 is monitoring the exhaust temperature of the Compaq laptop hosting the Camalie 433MHz network

Decommisioned Napa Soil Moisture Nodes 6,10,20,23,31,32,33,35,40,42,45
Analog Input 2 = Soil Moisture at 12"
Analog Input 4 = Soil Moisture at 24"
Analog Input 3 = Soil Temp at 12"
These nodes are still transmitting from their storage location in the server room. They were replaced with Crossbow 2.4GHz nodes on 11/15/07

916MHz Crossbow Test Nodes 101,103,104,105,110,111,112,113 These nodes were shut down 9/07. They were being used to test reliability, range and the self organizing mesh network firmware for Crossbow. This graph is included here to demonstrate that the Camalie database can accept data from multiple independent Crossbow networks and present any desired portion of it.

MoteNotesMore background on individual Motes, their attached sensors, location characteristics, observations during sensor placement, calibration, etc.

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