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Description SKU # Price
Four Station Starter kit, with eG3100 gateway and eB2120 base radio eK2120 $3680
Field Station Tranceiver Node (without sensors) 2 mi. range, 4 ports en2120 $630
Soil Moisture Tension(Watermark) eS1100 $99

Temp/Humidity Sensor pair

eS1201 $199
Heat Shield for Temp/Humidity Sensor pair eHs1201 $45
Soil Water Content Sensor (Decagon EC-5) eS1110 $199
Leaf Wetness Sensor eS1301 $199
Solar Radiation Sensor (Davis 6450) eS1401 $229
eKo 15 psi range Pressure Sensor, sealed for water level monitoring 30 ft. eS1501 $270
eKo 50 psi range Pressure Sensor eS1502 $270
eKo 100 psi range Pressure Sensor eS1503 $270
eKo Weather Station - 6 sensors eS2000 $995
eKo Base Radio eB2120 $325
eKo Gateway/Webserver/Database/Intel Atom D510 Dual Core PC based eG3100 $925
eKo Enterprise Webserver/Multi-network Data aggregator eG5100 $1295
eKo ESB cable with connection and EEPROM eS9000 $59
eKo ESB Analog Interface Board including cable assembly eS9100 $199
eKo ESB Analog Interface Board including cable assembly eS9200 $249
Sensor Extension Cable, 25 ft. eS1000 $94
eKo Field Station 4-D cell Battery Pack with 16AmpHr. capacity (2yr.) CN-BP $135
eKo Field Station External Power Supply for indoor operation cN-PS1 $125
Camalie Networks Valve actuator interface, uses 1 port controls 4 valves. cN101va $440
Four color status indicator beacon attachment for CN101va, alarm option cNaccBeac1 $240
Camalie Networks Water Meter Interface cN101wm $310
Bistable solenoid for valve control eC1000 $24
Adapter for Bistable solenoid to fit to existing valves. eC1010 $4


Description SKU # Price
Site Visit, Service Call SV-1 $90
Station Install w/3 eS1100 sensors  SI-4 $125
Vineyard/Irrigation System Documentation IRRGIS $1200
Custom Dashboard Web Site w/ map WEBGIS $650
Optional Off-Site Hosting/yr. WH $120
Data Analysis Consulting, written summary , Cnslt


Pressure chamber measurements of Leaf Water Potentials. LWPM $35/hr.


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