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Data Storage and Analytics

Provision of a user account with associated data storage and analysis tools maintained and backed-up by Camalie Networks.  This includes accumulation and storage of field data, trend graphing, maps and other services.   The CS3 and eKo Pro gateway devices send data packets from your vineyard over  the internet to Camalie Networks' servers where the data is stored in a high performance RRDTools data base optimized for time series data. Service Agreement

Installation Service

Installation, including drilling and placing soil moisture sensors and routing sensor wires along the irrigation line and up a stake to the transceiver unit is available.   With a system installation with three or more stations a sampling plan consultation and training is included.  Training includes how to use the data in conjunction with pressure chamber measurements for regulated deficit irrigation of wine grapes.  White Paper


Soil Moisture station placement and sensor wiring to transceiver.   We use Watermark sensors exclusively.

Installation Process and Pictures from various installations

Custom Website Development

Development of a web based Irrigation block map with sensor locations clickable to access soil moisture trends.  This is implemented using a Manifold Geographic Information System map server which is capable of storing and presenting almost any information relevant to objects on the map.  The basic clickable map interface to the trend data for your vineyard with logo is available for a one time fee.   Here's a working Site used by Pulido Vineyard Management



Data analysis consultation, training and other support to meet your specific needs.

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