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Data Philosophy

"Taking Data is all about supporting decisions which result in actions"

"If there is no conceivable action you could take based on particular data; don't take that data! It obscures the important stuff."

"When your intuition about something important is weak take some data."

"Sometimes new data changes your understanding of how something works. This usually results in unanticipated actions and outcomes."

Mark Holler

Examples of Data Resulting in Action


Frost Protect - turn on the fans, call the helicopter, turn on the sprinklers.

Don't Irrigate, Then Irrigate

Irrigate shorter more often

Irrigate longer less often

Go Measure Vine Water Stress with Pressure Chamber

Clean Filter

Fix Leak, Reprime siphon, Note pond level drop and irrigations visible. This is pressure pre-filter at the irrigation manifold.

Water Meters at Green and Red Vineyards. Chiles Mills water meter failed.

Replace valve solenoid, valve no longer opening.

Valve stuck open for 5 days, draining 10K gallons from storage tank.

Pump water to tank

Spray fungicide or wettable sulfur for Powdery Mildew more often

Below is a degree days plot which shows the difference in growing energy at different sites and from year to year. This data can be used to see how far behind ripening metabolism is which factors into decisions for how much fruit to drop and when.

Multiple year soil moisture review factors into current year irrigation decisions.

Notice the dramatically higher soil moisture this year at this location.

Change Vineyard Managers

Winemaker decides to buy grapes from you when he sees what a close handle you as grower have on your vineyard as a result of using wireless sensor monitoring.


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