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Camalie Networks System 3 (CS3)

Camalie Networks System 3 is available now. It provides growers with a low cost, scalable, open system, for monitoring and control of agricultural operations.

The CS3 system consists of three major components:

  • Field Stations
  • Internet Gateway
  • Web Services

The CS3 Field Stations have the sensors and/or actuators connected to them. They can be placed anywhere within 2 miles line of sight of the gateway or within 2 miles of another field station which has a path back to the gateway. The CS3 Internet gateway acts as a relay to pass data from field stations to a Camalie Networks' server or commands in the opposite direction. It requires no static IP address or firewall reconfiguration at your site or any cellular subscription. Just plug it in, turn on your nodes and go to your Camalie Networks Web Site to access your data, and/or control your irrigation system.

Field Stations

There are 3 different CS3 field station models, the Z, ZX, and Terraduino. They all use standard XBee 900HP 900MHz radio modules with DigiMesh self organizing mesh technology. The Z model is a basic model for data acquisition. The ZX model has an arduino compatible base board with a microcontroller, XBee radio, and solar power supply.

Thus, far Camalie Networks has used the Z model for well pump control, temp and soil moisture monitoring and has used the ZX for water metering, valve actuation, water level monitoring, remote data display, and GPS tracking of vehicles. The ZX node counts switch closures and reports switch position every 15 seconds. This function can be used for monitoring door/gate/window security as well as water metering. The GPS monitoring function is useful for keeping track of vehicles especially where cell coverage is incomplete and a record of paths needs to be saved. Nodes can be easily placed to cover hilly wooded terrain using a connectivity indicating LED visible on each node.

All of the field stations are powered by three NiMH batterys charged by a solar panel. Typical battery life with no sun is 3-6 weeks depending on sensors and interface card installed. Battery life with sun is typically 4 years.

Below are pictures of the CS3-ZX field station.

Below is a picture of a CS3-Terraduino integrated with a Davis Weather Station instrument set.

The CS3-Terraduino Weather Station. Data is taken every 2 minutes and relayed back to a CS3 gateway and on to a webserver with a database where the data is immediately available for viewing via the internet with your favorite smart phone, tablet or PC. Here the Terraduino is shown with the industry standard Davis Weather station instrument package that it supports.  The Terraduino enclosure cover is shown removed to show the internal electronics and rechargeable batteries.

More Pictures of nodes with different interface cards and sensors/actuators.


The gateway, shown below is a cost effective Linux computer originally designed for use in smart phones and tablets. It has HDMI graphics output and 2 USB ports for keyboard, and mouse connections enabling its use as a desktop PC but, it usually ends up on a window sill somewhere near your internet router. It automatically reboots itself after power failures and internet outages.

Web Services

The user interface of the CS3 system is served by Camalie Networks Servers in Palo Alto, 5 blocks from the internet's main west coast hub where Google and Facebook started up.

Here's an example map page for a vineyard in Napa near St. Helena. It shows where the nodes are located in the vineyard which is essential in interpreting the data.

Here's a dashboard of graphs from another vineyard. It includes tank water level, Temp, Humidity, Wind speed, Rain and soil moisture.

Below on an iphone you can see soil Moisture data at three different depths for 6 different irrigation blocks in a 50 acre vineyard over a period of one month. The falling transients in the curves are irrigation events. The CS3 system is designed to enable viewing of data as fast as possible. Your time is valuable and if you don't look at the data its useless. This page painted in 2 seconds which includes the time it took to pull all of the data from the database. CS3 uses a very high performance linear database and a highly optimized open source grapher developed and used by high energy particle physicists at the Swiss Federal Institute over the last 15 years. It is extremely robust. No Microsoft/Apple/Google/Oracle/Adobe/Facebook code is used and as a result the software almost never needs updating.

Below is an example of the valve control interface for one vineyard. Note this code runs on an iPhone because it does not use Adobe Flash. It also runs under any browser. It is not a specific Apple or Android mobile phone app which might be prettier but, would require updates and new downloads to your phone every time the phone O.S. gets updated. We consider any time spent keeping a CS3 system up and running is wasted time.

Installation Process and Pictures from various installations

Feature Summary:

  • Long Range Wireless Mesh Data Network. Self organizing data routing.
  • Internet Gateway uses ethernet, no cellular subscription fees.
  • Easy scaling to 25 nodes and 5 mile square area of coverage
  • Camalie Networks Web services for full featured, secure, backed up, Data access, as well as control and alerts from any browser.
  • Alternative Camalie Networks Open Data Web Service option for zero subscription cost data viewing from any browser
  • No regular maintenance, no need for static IP address or firewall modification.
  • Open Architecture/Hardware/Software means long life, diverse support options,  Linux, Xbee, Arduino Based


Description SKU Price
Field Station, CS3 Transceiver Node, base model w/4 analog sensor inputs and 2 digital outputs, solar powered, battery Life 4 years. CS3-Z $250
Field Station +, CS3 Transceiver Node, based on SeeedStudio Stalker with Atmega 328 processor. 3 analog sensor inputs two + smart sensor and actuator support, real time clock and SD card for local data storage. Supports arduino shields for valve actuation, pressure sensing, ultrasonic water level sensing, pump and valve control. , solar powered, battery Life 4 years. CS3-ZX $325
Field Station ++, CS3 Transceiver Node based on SenseTerra Terraduino with Atmega 2560 higher performance processor, 4 Micro shield ports with screw terminal sensor connectors, supports Davis weather station, solar powered, battery Life 4 years. CS3-Terra $420

CS3 Internet Gateway; Transfers real time data and control commands between CS3 Field Stations and Camalie Networks Web Servers. Requires an internet connection.

CS3-GW $375
Weather Station Sensor Set to monitor Rain, Wind, Temp, Humidity, Davis sensors, 3-Terraduino micro interface shields, requires CS3-Terra transceiver to send data. CS3-WS $425
Valve Actuation shield for 4 bistable solenoid valves, includes node firmware for ZX CS3-4Vact $275
Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor for Tank or pond level monitoring. CS3-Range $195
Pressure Sensors, range max. 15, 30, 100, 200psi PrS-xx $225
Sensor Interface Card for 3 resistive sensors and one active sensor requiring 3.3V power for ZX, Supports Watermark, Thermistor, pressure sensors and range finder sensor. Includes fixed resistors. This card has an arduino shield footprint. CS3-3R1V $145
Watermark Sensor 0-250 centibar Soil Moisture Tensiometer - 3 yr. MTTF Watermark $59
Temp Sensor Thermistor $39
Radiation Shield for Temp Sensor RadShield $65
GPS option for vehicle tracking. Sends and records vehicle GPS coordinates CS3- GPS $475
CS3 Open Data Web based Grapher and Database, shared data space. 1 year data storage. No performance guarantee. CS3-ODWG Free With system purchase
CS3-View, Web based Grapher and Database, Private Website with Map showing node placements, page for general field documentation. Database backup, Software Updates. Billed quarterly. Service Agreement CS3-View $39/month

* Note all Field stations above use the XBee 900MHz Digimesh long range, solar powered wireless network.

**CS3 is a high value Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Internet of Things (IOT) Application.

Other Services

Description SKU Price
Site Visit, Service Call SV-1 $90
Field Station Install w/3 Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors,   Mounting to pole, Wire Management, Pole placement. Includes 3/4" dia. pole and hardware. SI-4 $125
Weather Station Installation, Assembly, WS-install $110
Custom Dashboard Web Page and Graphs Set up. WEBGIS $80/hr.
Data Analysis Consulting, Training Cnslt


eKo Pro Node Power Supply Refurb. solar panel and batteries eKo-refurb $125


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