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Personal Cannabis Grow Support

  • Garden Set up
  • Location Assessment - Sunlight/Air Flow/Water access/Security/Visibility
  • Clone Selection - Indica/Sativa more specific clones
  • Pots/Soil/Irrigation/Nutrition/Pathogens/
  • Planting/Replanting/Pruning/Monitoring
  • Growth and Harvest tutorials - What to expect
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Harvest/Trimming/Drying/Preservation/Edible Production
  • Monthly visit, charge like yard maintenance.
  • Phone Support

Get help to get started and through your first harvest. After that it is very easy to manage on your own in following years. However, you are likely to produce enough cannabis in one year for your personal use the rest of your life*. This stuff grows like "weeds" if managed right. You'll know what chemicals have been applied to it too. We grow organic.

Mature Bud, The tricombs(sticky white hairs) are where the THC resides, only in the female plants. The red threads are actually the pistil part of the flower.

Clones from the dispensary. Known cultivars, all female plants. You buy the seedlings, ~$17 each.

First potting into fiber pots.

Second potting into 1 gal. Pots

Third potting into 5 gal. pots

Fourth potting into 15 gallon pots.


Mature plant with many flowers. These plants produced over 500 buds per plant.

Drip irrigation, 2 cycles per day roughly half gallon each near the end.

Trimming. This is the most labor intensive part of the process but can be quite pleasurable.

A trimmed branch.

Drying trimmed branches.

Here is some finished dry product. ~1/3 lb./plant

Storage in glass jars with a humidity pack.

Trimmed leaves with trichomes used to produce cannabutter.

Leaching THC from the leaves with melted butter.

Making butter.

Finished cannabutter.

*Note: You can't sell what you produce without a license, however, you can give it away.

Seeking Alpha sites in Palo Alto for this new service - Spring 2019 growing season start.

Call or Text: 650-799-6571

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811 Forest Ave. Palo Alto, Ca. 94301

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